Jun 11 16

Yahoo – Internet titan in Past, Sinking ship Today

Abzetdin Adamov
Yahoo - Internet titan in Past, Sinking ship Today

Yahoo – Internet titan in Past, Sinking ship Today

Yahoo, which was once an Internet titan, the only ruler of the entire Web, after years of mismanagement and underperformance looks like the Sinking Ship with irreparable hole in its side. In February 2008 Microsoft made $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo. Later Yahoo announced its board of directors’ letter rejecting Microsoft’s hostile bid for the company as “massively undervalued. Now Yahoo’s board wants to sell its core business for $10 billion, and experts say that this price is slightly higher than its current market price. Yahoo is still one of the biggest technological patent holders having nearly 3000 patents and pending applications. It is obvious that patents are heritage of the former very successful technological giant. If Yahoo made 399 patent applications in 2007, it filed just 66 new applications in 2013. Yahoo will receive fewer and fewer new patents in the coming years. Yahoo plans to sell patents most probably initiating new Patent War (similar to Oracle vs. Google). I think any company which acquire this huge sinking ship will follow to the same destiny. This would be a classic case of two wrongs trying to make a right. Some References: Yahoo is unloading 3,000 patents, and it will be a fire sale Facebook Fights Back, Countersues Yahoo For Patent Infringement Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo
Mar 9 16

Transferring DATA into Business Value for Multi Sectoral Industries

Abzetdin Adamov
MSc Knowledge Discovery and Datamining 2Data Mining and Analytics can provide valuable insights and high growth potential to any data-driven business. According to survey performed by Bain & Company of more than 400 executives in diverse range of businesses and industries revealed that companies with better analytics capabilities were twice as likely to be in the top of financial performance in their industry, five times more likely to make decisions faster than their peers and three times more likely to execute decisions as planned. Even if most of executives understand the opportunities provided to their businesses by Big Data, they still struggle with some common challenges:
  • How to align Big Data benefits to specific sector?
  • How to identify what kind of Data may provide best insights and improve decision making process?
  • Which specific technologies and skills are needed to understand their Data?
It is obvious that any sector can capture value from Big Data, but it is also important to keep in mind that approaches, skills, technologies and correspondingly opportunities and challenges vary from sector to sector. Read More…
Jan 28 16

Computer can Play Games better than Humans thanks to Machine Learning and AI

Abzetdin Adamov
Computer can Play Games better than Humans

Machine Learning – Computer can Play Games better than Humans

Thanks to Machine Learning and AI computers play games mostly better than humans do. Distributed AlphaGo’ will be to play the top Go (Chinese game Go with over 2500 years history) player in the world over the last decade, Lee Sedol. The match will take place this March 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. After being a witness for IBM’s Watson’s unbelievable success in 2011 personally, will be waiting for these new AI challenge…
Jun 30 15

Legacy Data Access Problem

Abzetdin Adamov
Legacy Data Access Problem - CeDAWI

Legacy Data Access Problem – CeDAWI

When we backup very valuable data intending to be able to use it in the future, it is important to understand that the data is not self-sufficient at all. Data must be preserved together with contemporary environment where this data is used. It is obvious that 30 years later we will not be able to find software that is able to handle and manage the data stored today. Even if we had preserved the software it is still going to be a challenging problem find compatible platform to run this legacy software. So, if we store valuable data for future use, this task must be dealt as complex problem of preserving not just data itself, but also Software to manage the data, Operation System to host legacy software, and sometimes, even platform (hardware) itself. What means that dealing with and processing of the Legacy Data is complex and quite expensive task.
Jun 21 15

Web Metrics for top 500 websites in Azerbaijan

Abzetdin Adamov
Web Metrics for top 500 websites in Azerbaijan

Web Metrics for top 500 websites in Azerbaijan

Analyzing to 500 websites in Azebaijan based on the following criteria and Large-scale Data (Big Data) Processing. Using Website Metrics in-Depth provide opportunity greatly immprove the ranking, visibility, segmentation, functionality and usability of your website. Also using these criteria you can track progress of your website in real time.
  • IP/Geo Location
  • Text/HTML Ratio
  • Meta Tags Quality – title, description, keywords, robots
  • Number of Links: outbound, inbound, backlinks
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Google Page Ranking
  • Age of Website